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In 1991, Koch founded a recording studio in Frankfurt with Cem Oral, with whom he shortly afterwards formed the project Air Liquide with. In 1992, their first EP, titled Neue Frankfurter Elektronik Schule, was issued on the Cologne he record label Blue, the chef and together with Oral had founded the musicians Jörg Burger. In 1991, Oral, Burger and Wolfgang Voigt founded the acid techno label Structure. In 1993, Koch formed the labels XXC3 and Dj.ungle Fever.

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Potential Recordings | EPM Records.

Within the techno genre, many claim to have been influenced by the now heavily commercialised hip hop movement. For Ben Long, one half of London’s infamous and influential Space DJ’z, this statement comes from within. Having grown up in the early 1980’s immersing himself totally in the lifestyle of breakdancing and graffiti, his attitudes towards hip hop, and the connections he sees between it and techno were forged, and his beliefs are those of someone who has followed both genres from the underground upwards.

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Planet Rhythm | ETT | Compound

Glenn Wilson was one of the first producers to emerge from the swedisch techno scene. Since 1992 he opened his own record shop in Stockholm and founded his Planet Rhythm label to promote Swedish artists like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck.

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Relief Records | Naked Lunch | Kne' Deep

A true introvert, Jerome Baker has quietly and methodically over the years created a discography that has been played/charted by some of the most powerful and recognizable names in Techno and House. He has released chart topping tracks in multiple genres (Techno, Tech House, House) on labels like Farris Wheel, Knee Deep, Relief Records, Mistress Recordings, Naked Lunch, Whitebeard, UKR, Soiree and more.


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Rebeltek | Stay Up Forever | Hydraulix

With dynamic musical taste and timing sharper than a razor, Sterling Moss is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to electrify crowds the world over. Having toured extensively in over 25 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Sterling regularly rocks dancefloors around the globe in an exotic list of locations, playing at clubs and festivals to hundreds of thousands every year alongside the world’s DJ elite.

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Blackout Audio | Allen & Heath | Planet Rhythm | Naked Lunch

Official Allen & Heath DJ and a main player in the UK music industry for 30 years. Mark EG has transmitted his musical message many times over from the UK to Australia, transcending generations and cultures by playing countless different styles of electronic music. With a unique and anarchic approach, Mark has won many awards and accolades. From 60 bpm chill out to 200 bpm hardcore, his energy and passion for sound is quite simply, unparalleled.

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Relief Records | Synewave | Urban Kickz

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago and known as King Les, Lester represents Chitown with a passion for music producing tracks for over 25 years with records pressed, and crowds rocked from the USA to the United Kingdom.

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Stay up Forever | Cluster | Hydraulix | Impact UK

A.P. has produced some of the best Techno of recent times, always direct,
his impact on the scene cannot be ignored as releases on Hydraulix, Cluster,
Polymeric and more recently his own labels "Impact UK" and "Stereo Chaos" have shown how it should be done.
His sound of tough drums, cut up vocals and cool synth riffs has gained him recognition at an international level.

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Yin Yang Records

Pedro Delgardo has achieved a lot on his DJ/Producer path. He used to own the UK's Best Independent Record Store (* Muzik Magazine Awards 2001) Tune Inn Records.He has been nominated by the World public as one of the Best 250 DJ's in the World (in DJ Magazine).

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Stay Up Forever | Cluster |Audio Stage  | Ableton Live

DJ Android emigrated to Canada in 1995 there beginning his career in 1996. In the same year he organized Samogon Records in collaboration with Dj M.Pravda
Organized the first raves in the small town of Kitchener, Canada
The success came after the Techno Invasion event, the headliners of which were Dj Dave the Drummaer, Dj Mark EG U.K.

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Yin Yang Records

Glasgow based DMCK has generated a reputation as one of the city’s most exciting new breed of producers to hit the scene, with his multi genre production skills, it was only natural that his talents would shine through & his in demand sounds have now been featured on TV shows & commercials for various local production companies. This lead to his big summer House anthem “I Need The Music” landing at Loudbit Records door & is currently circulating on VA compilation albums to this date. 

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Blackout Audio | Allen & Heath | Planet Rhythm | TMMR | Audio Assault | Compound | We Call it Hard | Blueline | Gobsmacked |Submissions

The Anxious are Mark Anxious and Chrissi, who have been producing under this name since 1998. Their sound is characteristically dark and uncompromising, with a musical message that many have imitated, but failed to deliver. They burst onto the techno scene with a series of punishing releases on some of the worlds top electronic labels of the time, as well as their own Blackout Audio imprint.

Classic’s such as ‘Beginning Of The End’ and ‘Visions Of A Motion’ on Planet Rhythm and Compound, soon meant that these two soon caught the attention of many of the leading techno jocks such as Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and of course Joey Beltram.

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Bubblejam Recordings | Bubblejam Gold | Planet Underground

Label manager for Bubblejam Recordings Techno Dj & Producer, 1 Half of Disco Dirt. Over 20 years turntable experience. HART's passion for techno music knows no bounds, and he is igniting dancefloors with his fierce techno cuts. Expect nothing but quality when you see his name....



Naked Lunch

As one of the fundamental pillars of Portugal’s Techno scene, Ninna V has been rocking the decks for over 26 years - playing her own brand of dark and sweaty techno . 
She held her first residency at the Mercado Bar in 1992, while swiftly assuming several other residencies during the country's Techno infancy

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Planet Underground | Future Visions

Keita Sato aka Buddhahood Planet-Underground Records label co-owner and talented Man from Japan, Keita Sato has managed to put his name on many record labels such as: - DataBlender (London) and Mona Records (Spain,Madrid). A musician at hearts, Keita moved to London in the late 90's to pursue his dream in the music industry.

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