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The Anxious are Mark Anxious and Chrissi, who have been producing under this name since 1998. Their sound is characteristically dark and uncompromising, with a musical message that many have imitated, but failed to deliver. They burst onto the techno scene with a series of punishing releases on some of the worlds top electronic labels of the time, as well as their own Blackout Audio imprint.

Classic’s such as ‘Beginning Of The End’ and ‘Visions Of A Motion’ on Planet Rhythm and Compound, soon meant that these two soon caught the attention of many of the leading techno jocks such as Dave Clarke, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and of course Joey Beltram.

 Their music defined the sound of techno music at the turn of the millennium, leading to countless demands worldwide for them to produce a live experience to match their breath-taking release schedule. In 2005 they performed a ground breaking live appearance at the leading global techno event, the legendary Circuito in Sao Paulo Brazil - the recording of which is still talked about today.

In 2006 and 2007 they released music on Chris Liebing’s former Fine Audio label as well as joining forces with Arms and Audio Assault records to release a series of blistering EP’s that again featured high on the playlists of DJ’s such as Dave Clarke and DJ Rush, amongst others.

Refusing to stagnate, they have instigated a recent studio lock-down, to reshape their production into something that takes the newer sound of dark, sub-bass driven electronic techno to a whole new generation. The results are out now, with an even stronger message. Recent releases have appeared on TMMR, Gobsmacked, Planet Rhythm, We Call It Hard and Blackout Audio. Their album is due to be released on their label Blackout Audio in the coming months.

Check their groundbreaking live set. Teaming up with Allen and Heath and their Xone Series, this is one act you simply cannot afford to miss.







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