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Planet Underground | Future Visions

Keita Sato aka Buddhahood Planet-Underground Records label co-owner and talented Man from Japan, Keita Sato has managed to put his name on many record labels such as: - DataBlender (London) and Mona Records (Spain,Madrid). A musician at hearts, Keita moved to London in the late 90's to pursue his dream in the music industry.

He flirts with Techno music and the London Underground scene and immediately falls in love with it. This is where he meets Matthieu-F, spinning records together regularly on one of London Underground Warehouse scenes well know sound system. Keita and Matthieu-F build a strong relationship throughout the years and he recently becomes a regular Dj guest on Planet-Underground radio show, founded by Matthieu-F in 2007. This relationship leads to an offer made by Matthieu-F Keita cannot refuse, in 2017 they become business partner and Planet Underground becomes a record label. Planet Underground Records will see its first release in Summer 2017, the record label has a refreshing approach to Techno, with a deep and very emotional style without forgetting its roots at its core





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